2018/2019 Winter/Spring Offerings

ACTING Workshop (LAB 101)

 Instructor:  Nils Swanson

(Ages 18+) SUNDAYS from 1pm to 2:30-3pm – STARTING FEBRUARY 24th, 2019 until April 7th,2019  (NO CLASS ON ST. PATRICKS DAY)

Classes are going to be “DROP IN” but we will not admit people once the class has started each day (class will start at 1:05 pm SHARP each Sunday (if you arrive late we cannot let you participate that day).  Sorry   🙁

(Limit of 30 People) (NO RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED – First Come Basis)

– Price will be $10 (Ages 13-17) $15 (Adults 18+)

Acting Workshop (LAB 101) will cover a wide range of topics.  This workshop is geared for people who want to learn a little more about acting, and the theater itself.

While the “curriculum” is geared towards beginners, all are welcome.  You don’t need to have professional ambitions, only a passion for acting.

Topics for this workshop will range from:

  • Brief History of Theater- Where does theater come from? How did the styles evolve?  What can we learn from theater?
  • Acting space – Building awareness and utilizing the actor’s physical movement and environment.
  • Character study- How to understand the character you are portraying? What motivates them?  How do you help your fellow actors?
  • Scenes and scripts breakdown- How to work with the parameters of a scene, what are the beats/elements of the scripts? How to look at scenes from different perspectives.

Classes will be built around a structure for the day, but the participants interests and desires will also play into what gets done each class.  Need to work on a monologue? Bring it.  Have trouble understanding a Shakespeare scene? Bring it in and we will work on it.  Want to develop a character/Scene?  Awesome, I would love to help.



Make sure you have signed up to our community e-mail list…   AUDITIONS ARE COMING! 

All information on Auditions, Rehearsals and Performances will be posted by March 3, 2019


Ages 11-17

Contact us at info@foralltheater.com if you are interested in a kids program.  as of February 2019 we did not have enough response in a kids program, so it is potentially moving to the summer of 2019.  Please let us know if you or your children are extremely interested in starting something though, we might be able to fit them into the Acting Workshop above – Thank you

Nils Swanson